Seattle/Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer MariGo, is a tender force to be reckoned with. The daughter of a musical doctor and a painter, MariGo’s upbringing included taking piano lessons with her sisters, leaving school to catch Chicago Symphony Orchestra rehearsals, and eventually a degree in classical voice from the University of Denver. But the rigidity of the classical music world didn’t fit MariGo, an artist who thrives on meshing together different muses. Instead, she set out to write her own music and explore more experimental sounds—like the otherworldly pop of artists like Bjork and the kaleidoscopic production of Flying Lotus, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, and Pretty Lights.

 After taking music production classes and honing her skills with Ableton, the floodgates opened and MariGo’s first EP, “Flying at Night,” was born in January 2018. Four shimmering singles released on the L.A.-based all-womxn label, Unspeakable Records, came shortly thereafter. Her intimate and poised sophomore EP, “What Are You Doing Now?,” drops August 30th.

 Recorded at her home studio in Los Angeles,“What Are You Doing Now?” is the result of hard times for MariGo. In the swirling production and introspective lyrics, she ruminates on the significance of a failed romantic relationship and on the loss of her health after prolonged exposure to toxic mold. As a result, “What Are You Doing Now?" aches with the strength of self-discovery and the beauty of forgiveness. The EP also captures MariGo’s crisp vocal delivery, her talent on piano and guitar, and ear for clean, simple production that elevates each track.

In addition to constantly developing her skills as an artist and performer, MariGo is passionate about uplifting others. She uses her musical expertise, Masters in Arts Management from Claremont University, and thriving teaching business to equip other women with the skills to be self-sufficient artists, while also actively working to create more opportunity for women in the electronic music community.